• Image of Josef Albers: Process and Printmaking (1916–1976)

This beautifully designed catalogue for the exhibition Josef Albers: Process and Printmaking (1916–1976) features more than 100 color images along with essays by Brenda Danilowitz and Nicholas Fox Weber. Devoted to Albers’s working methods in the field of printmaking, the catalogue explores the artist’s techniques and approaches. Albers considered technique to be the foundation of a particular poiesis or making—the “how” of art. At the same time, his work reveals his talent for free inventiveness, for a qualitative leap in creativity. Josef Albers’s prints are the unique result of the relationship he established with a wide range of materials, processes, and technologies—some conventional, others less so. Albers experimented with various print mediums, including relief prints in wood and linoleum, black-and-white and color lithographs using zinc plates and stone, intaglio prints, and screenprints.

Softcover: 122 pp
Publisher: Fundación Juan March (2014)
Language: English
Dimensions: 9 1/2 x 8 3/4 in.
Illustrations: 102 color
ISBN 978-84-7075-621-4