• Image of Anni and Josef Albers: Latin American Journeys

Edited by Brenda Danilowitz

Featuring excerpts from letters and manuscripts by Anni and Josef Albers, this stunning, rare catalogue is the first to document and study the influence of Central and South America on the work of this artist couple. Anni's weavings, drawings, and painted studies demonstrate her deep knowledge of pre-Columbian textiles. Josef's paintings and photographs testify to the development of his unique sense of color in Mexico, as well as the formation of his independent concepts of photography and Formalism. A foreword by Nicholas Fox Weber, an introduction by Heinz Liesbrock, essays by Jenny Anger, Paulina Brugnoli and Soledad Hoces de la Guardia, Brenda Danilowitz, Kiki Gilderhus, Hugo Palmarola Sagredo, and a chronology by Jessica Csoma show that the Alberses’ art as we know it today is inconceivable without their encounter with the southern American continent.

Hardcover: 228 pp
Publisher: Hatje Cantz (2007)
Language: English
Dimensions: 11 x 8.9 x 1 in.
Illustrations: 172 color + 69 b/w

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